Mommy, do we have to give Daddy back to work today?

My 5 year old daughter.

John Gajdecki: Visual Effects Supervisor


July 2011

Updated demo reels.


May 2011

Deepa Mehta

Shot with Deepa Mehta in Sri Lanka on Winds of Change.


February 2011

The Foundry Master Class

Speaker at Foundry's Master Class : Stereo Compositing in LA, NY and London.


I'm an award winning Senior Visual Effects Supervisor specializing in VFX design, on set collaboration, artist supervision, second unit directing and stereoscopic production. I have 20 years of experience on 65 projects, including 27 features.

  • Award winning ideas and execution.
    • First Emmy Nomination as VFX Supervisor when I was 26.
    •  In 2009 The Hole 3D won "Best 3D Feature" at Venice Film Festival.
  • Ability to deliver under any circumstances.
    • Doubled VFX shot count for same budget on The Hole, a stereo feature.
  • I design and build systems and tools to solve unsolvable problems.
    • Built digital roto projectors in 1988
    • Coded networked SQL budgeting / tracking databases in 2000.
    • Set up In House teams of artists to help budgets meet ambitious goals.
  • I love being in prep, on set and in post, and making them work together to get what we need.
    • Own a Panasonic 27" broadcast monitor so I can always trust colours in what I am screening.
    • I bought an $ 800 raincoat for set.  That's Love. 


I deliver great looking VFX within your budget and timeline by working with all of the departments on your picture and hiring the most creative facilities.  From design to delivery, this is what I'm good at. 


John Gajdecki


Cell : 778 838 8003