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On location for SIX


No one does all this on their own.  My wife and kids deserve a special shout out for their unwavering support. Below are some of the villagers I work with regularly because they are so darn good.



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Some artists have been working with me for over a decade and a half. That's 15 years of really bad jokes and really great shots.


We were all going to lunch and tricked a passer by to shoot a few ( dozen ) pictures of the gang.

Claude and I studied film in the same years at York University, and have worked together on dozens of projects for over 30 years, as a Flame Artist, in the model shop and more recently as an Environmental Artist through his Lunenburg based studio.

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StormBorn Studios.png

Start of story.

Paul Quinn, Gregory and the whole Barnstorm team are just great.

End of story.

Manu and Goran are ex Scanline artists who head up this team that specializes in photoreal simulations. They did a fantastic job on the biggest shots from the final episode of Project Bluebook.

I had worked with Caleb and Caleb several times so when they told us they were setting up their own studio we were first in line to send them work - some of Project BlueBook's biggest scenes.


Winston and his team always nail it every time - the work looks great, every shot every time. This makes me look great,

And that makes my clients look great,



This is my sixth straight year working with Bejoy and his team on the most difficult clean up, roto and comps.


Artifex was a big part of Project Blue Book season 1, but we were unlucky that they were booked solid during season 2.

fuse fx vector logo final.png

I worked with FUSE FX on all of the exterior shots on Netflix's The Island. They did this great concept art and delivered shots that were even better.


Matt once said you never knew who or what would come out of the elevators at the studio. A Vampire or Alien.  But when out systems were misbehaving it was Matt who came out of the elevator, and we were all going to be OK.

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